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If you're new to homeschooling we have a list of resources you might be interested in. Please do a web search if you have general questions about homeschooling. You can also search for groups on Facebook or other social networking platforms.

If you have a specific question about our co-op you can contact us.  
If you have a general question regarding homeschooling then please do a search for homeschool groups on Facebook.  There are several local groups. 
HLACNY is a not-for-profit homeschooling group serving the Central New York and greater Syracuse area. 

HLACNY is a secular group comprised of members of all faiths, beliefs, political views and parenting styles who home school their children. HLACNY welcomes and encourages all methods and philosophies of homeschooling. 

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The HLACNY homeschooling group is comprised of all types of homeschoolers - both traditional and unschoolers. HLACNY is proud to offer homeschooling families in the Syracuse area a group which supports the educational and social aspects of homeschooling.  

What do we offer?
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  • We offer a variety of Co-op Classes from September to June. 
  • We also offer our members support, a varied schedule of educational opportunities that include field trips, parties, events, camping trips.
  • A great network of homeschooling families!