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Home Learners Association of CNY (HLACNY)  is an inclusive, secular homeschooling cooperative predicated on respect for all that provides affordable, and engaging academic & enrichment classes, field trips, and other resources to foster community among Central New York homeschooling families. Founded in 2008, we saw a need for structured classes tailored to homeschooling families. By combining our talents and efforts, we have grown into a diverse, dynamic group!

As homeschooling parents ourselves, board members understand how busy parents' lives become when we teach our children at home. We know first-hand the struggles of choosing curriculum, planning lessons, organizing limited spaces, and working with multiple ages. 


We also devote time to HLACNY so that we can give all of our kids new and interesting experiences. We always appreciate when someone sees a need and offers to help out, so please don't hesitate to step up and lend a hand. 

About Us 

Meet the Board

Co-President/Web Master Aaron Spitzer
Co-President Kim Gallagher-Durfey

Secretary Lori Phillips
Treasurer Kelly Reilley

New Member Coordinator  Roxanne Bowles

Special Events Coordinator Gina Perkins

Field Trip Coordinator Hannah Yormick
Cleaning Coordinator Anne Pandian

Kim Gallagher-Durfey 

Kelly holds a Masters degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. She has worked in both public and private schools. Kelly homeschools her 2 children, while working  part time in a public city school. She enjoys having the ability to plan interesting and fun lessons, units, and projects for all of the students she teaches.

Aaron earned a Master's degree in American History, and was working on his PhD dissertation when his family decided to homeschool. He is currently homeschooling his three children from a largely Waldorf-inspired perspective in the Syracuse City District, and hopes that all three of his kids will ultimately want to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail with him in a few years.

Gina is a mom of two who never thought of homeschooling until a traveling opportunity arose.  Now on her third year of homeschooling, she couldn’t imagine doing anything else!  She enjoys teaching her children using a variety of curriculum and learning a lot herself in the process.  Gina is also a pediatric nurse and works part-time. 

Hannah knew from the start that she would homeschool her daughter. She loves this "unconventional" approach to education as part of daily life and is grateful to the homeschoolers of past decades who have won the political battles to make this possible. She homeschools while working part-time, using an eclectic blend of "whatever works" methods.

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