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iPhone Photography Class
Learning the Uke
Fort Niagara field trip
Camp Half Blood
Annual Duck Race
Field trip to The Wild Center
Thing 2
Sledding at co-op
Nature Games
Halloween 2016
Duck Race
Thor & More
The Wild Center, Tupper Lake
Empire State through LEGO
Nature Games
Thor & More
How to Talk Politics
LEGO creation
Middle School Chemistry
Lab @ MS Chem
Self Defense with Sensei Munger
Unicorn and Mr. Beaver
Star Wars & WWII
Homeschooling Lesson: Lines
Finding Secret Palpatine
Exploding Watermelons!
Trapped in a Puzzle
Lucy, Aslan, Susan
Overnight Field Trip: Niagara Falls
NF Aquarium
Musket training
Rubberbands and Watermelons
Solving the Puzzles
Self Defense
Kid-Taught Gym Class
Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation
Gardening Class
Digging for clues
Secret Agent Training
Spring Potluck & Fairy Acorn Hunt
Star Wars & WWII
Look at what I made!
Great creations
Found Art
Practicing CPR
Fingerprint work
Teen Games
Infant CPR in Basic First Aid
Robot Battle!
Writing for Teens
All About Insects
working together
Solving the mystery
Building Battle Bots
Arduino Projects for Teens
Annual Sea Breeze Field Trip
Learning to Sew
Waiting for the Maid of the Mist
Snap Circuit Fun
Glue gun fun
Teen/Tween Games
STEM Challenge: Targets
a new friend
Clue from Trapped in a Puzzle
The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe
Backstage @ The Lion, the Witch...
witch and edmund
Middle School Chemistry
Middle School Chemistry

Home Learners Association of CNY (HLACNY) is an inclusive, secular homeschooling cooperative predicated on respect for all that provides affordable, and engaging enrichment classes, field trips, and other resources to foster community among Central New York homeschooling families. Founded in 2008, we saw a need for structured classes tailored to homeschooling families. By combining our talents and efforts, we have grown into a diverse, dynamic group!

We offer homeschoolers of ALL ages enrichment and academic classes that help fulfill NYS reporting requirements in these subject areas:


  • Five 6-week sessions from September through December and March through May. Classes taught by engaging Parent Teachers. Class options vary by session and are based on students' interests.

  • Most classes cost $11 for an entire 6 week session (so, if you sign up for 4 periods, the total cost for 6 weeks will be $44).

  • New member families will be assigned a Mentor Family with a Kid Ambassador(s) to help new students and their parents get acclimated and "learn the ropes."

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