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Local homeschooling groups

Liverpool Public Library

The Liverpool Public Library hosts many programs for homeschoolers of all ages, and has a new homeschool curriculum section to loan.


Home Learners Association of Central New York (HLACNY) is an inclusive, secular homeschooling cooperative predicated on respect for all that provides affordable, and engaging enrichment classes, field trips, and other resources to foster community among Central New York homeschooling families. Founded in 2008, we saw a need for structured classes tailored to homeschooling families. By combining our talents and efforts, we have grown into a diverse, dynamic group!

Outdoor Life Learners

The overarching goal of Outdoor Life Learners is to foster the next generation of environmental stewards by providing nature-immersion programs for children of all ages. Here at Outdoor Life Learners we believe young, developing minds need sunlight, fresh air and dirt in copious amounts and on a daily basis. Further, we believe children learn best through free, unstructured and spontaneous play. Our educational program offerings are designed with this winning formula at their core: nature + free

CNY Homeschoolers--Pre-Teen & Teens

Information & Field Trips for Tweens and Teens

Eastside coop

East Side Homeschool Cooperative offers academic and enrichment classes in Fayetteville, NY

CNY Homeschoolers United

CNY Homeschoolers United offers field trips, a homeschool bowling league, and 4-H for homeschoolers.

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