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We offer homeschoolers of ALL ages enrichment and academic classes that help fulfill NYS reporting requirements in these subject areas:


  • Five 6-week sessions from September through May with 4 class periods each day taught by engaging Parent Teachers, as well as Lunch and Recess in Liverpool, NY.

  • Classes are developed in response to student interest; students are also welcome to teach classes -- some of our best classes have been peer-led!

  • New member families will be assigned a Mentor Family with a Kid Ambassador(s) to help new students and their parents get acclimated and "learn the ropes."

  • Cost: most classes cost $11 for the 6-week session; occasionally, cooking classes or those with significant materials costs will be priced slightly higher.

 Co-op Daily Schedule:

  •   Period 1 (40 min): 9:30-10:10

  •   Period 2 (60 min): 10:15-11:15

  •   Period 3 (40 min): 11:20-12:00

  •   Lunch/Recess (30 min): 12:00-12:30

  •   Period 4 (60 min): 12:35-1:35

Come for a tour and see if our co-op is right for your family!
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