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WINTER Classes!

Winter classes are now up on the website under Current Classes. You will see lots of missing information -- anything that is blank or TBA means we don't have class proposals for those classes. Please, please, please, GET YOUR PROPOSALS IN TODAY, DEC 15th! This is a very busy time for the Board, and registration is next week; a lot needs to happen before registration, and we need you to get us the information we need to make registration happen.

Registration will be WEDNESDAY, 12/20 at 8AM for teachers and co-teachers, and at 9AM for those who are not teaching or co-teaching. If you want to sign up to co-teach a class, look at the current classes and email us with the name of a class that has "REQUESTED" under co-teacher that you are interested in co-teaching. We will assign the first person who emails the Board for each class. Co-teaching is a great way to meet your teaching requirements, and a great way for new members to "get your feet wet" with teaching. You MUST email us no later than Monday at 5PM if you want to co-teach so that we have time to prepare for registration.

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